Play to the whistle

It’s a phrase etched in the memories of anyone that has played the game of American football, “play to the whistle.” In American football the down or play is not completed until the referee sounds a whistle. The sound of the whistle is very important for the defense who is trying to stop the offense from scoring. If the defense stops before the whistle is sounded there is a good chance the offense could scamper down the field for a score. Probably the most important fundamental of American football is to play to the whistle.

Each and every one of us has had a day when we strolled in to the workplace all excited to begin a new day when out of no where we received some bad news. Maybe a client had backed out on an order. Maybe a boss was unhappy with our work. Or maybe, executives had made one of those “life changing” decisions of shifting corporate structure. Whatever the case, what started out as a beautiful day has turned to doom and gloom.

Some of us, me included, allow the negative news of morning control our entire day. We fail to realize that the day is still new. We have not made it to lunch, yet we already feel defeated. It shows in our work ethic as we decide today is a disaster and is best if we hold on until tomorrow to start a new.

Leaders and those who achieve to be treat each minute, hour and circumstance if it were one play of many that make up a complete game. If one play is unsuccessful and they feel defeated the get up, dust themselves off, and line up for another play. To successfully make it through the rigors of any given day we must adapt the mindset that allows us to view each moment and circumstance of our lives as a single play that makes up a complete game. We must realize that our chances of having a rewarding day are not over until we hear the whistle blow. Make it your goal today to go out and “Play to the Whistle.”


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