The impact of a 10 percenter

Choose to be a 10 percenter
I continue to be encouraged by people who are facing life’s battles with faith, positive attitude, commitment and generosity. One of those 10 percenters (those few who make an effort to be defy the negative 90 percent) that continues to have a positive influence in my life and others is a fellow who goes to my church. For over six months this man has been battling cancer. He’s undertaken bi-weekly chemotherapy treatments, been poked with a needle weekly and has went through the daily pains and struggles of cancer and its treatment. Throughout this entire process I have never seen him without a smile on his face. He received treatments on Tuesday afternoons but never missed a Wednesday night service. When I felt discouraged, thoughts of this man’s walk through his battle with cancer would immediately encourage me through whatever I was facing. This man is truly a blessing.
Words cannot adequately describe how this man has impacted the lives of everyone within my community. But I think his latest act of humbleness goes quite a way of explaining the heart of this cancer ridden man. In Wednesday’s services he asked that his name be taken off the church’s prayer list. In his words, “None of us are ever to the point where we do not need prayer, but there are people on our prayer list that have needs greater than mine. I’ve been blessed through my battle with cancer and I want people to focus their prayers on others.”
This example could not better describe the humbleness and servant’s heart it takes to be a leader. By no choice of his own, this man has become a leader in our church and community just because he decided to encourage others through his discouraging times.
Being a leader does not make us immune from being discouraged to the point of feeling overwhelmed. Yet being a leader does force us to turn our thoughts from inward to outward, forcing us to focus on others instead of ourselves. Even when we are facing the horrible effects of cancer.
Something to think about…
On Sunday, University of Alabama star basketball player Jermareo Davidson was a passenger in an automobile accident in which his girlfriend of two years, Nikki Murphy was killed. In response to the accident Head Coach Mark Gottfried made a few statements that show us how leaders should respond in such a situation. “First of all, we have been praying for the Murphy family, Jermareo and Jermareo’s mother at this difficult time,” Alabama coach Mark Gottfried said. “My first responsibility at this time is to look out for Jermareo’s well-being and support him. Basketball is secondary right now. He is going through a very difficult period in his life. I have spoken to Nikki’s parents as well.“Our team will be there to support Jermareo. At this time, I am not sure of his status regarding the immediate trip to the Paradise Jam Tournament. I also appreciate very much the prayers and support we have received. I do know that through difficult circumstances, God can do wonderful things.” That’s true leadership.


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