Turn your loss into a legacy

I was talking business with a friend yesterday afternoon when I noticed him making reference to his dead grandfather more than usual. Though I never met his grandfather I have known him through his grandson for many years. Nearly every decision or question that needed to be answered came with a great story of how my friend learned the aspects of decision making from his grandfather. This was a daily occurrence. But yesterday was different; my friend was speaking about his grandfather at length.
A simple question of what was planned for the holidays turned into a 10 minute conversation on the impact his grandfather had on his life. He attended his first University of Alabama football game with his grandfather. He learned to ride a bike from his grandfather. His first car was purchased by his grandfather. His grandfather was the central figure during a time in his life that was riddled with the problems of a broken home.
Our conversation yesterday reminded me that while many of us will enjoy the highs of the Christmas season, many will enter a season of depression due to the loss of a loved one or friend. People like my friend will long for the days of yesteryear when their loved ones and friends were making impacts in their lives.
As we enter the holiday season, remember some of your friends and family will struggle with a loss that may have occurred months and years ago. Encourage them to talk about the loss they had and remind them that the person they lost can live today because they have the ability to pass their legacy on to others.


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