Turning negative periods into positive commas

I sat there in amazement as a gentleman of proclaimed Christian faith told me of an experience he had Friday afternoon at his local bank. “I went to the bank on Friday afternoon to get some cash for Christmas shopping and the teller thought she was going to some cash for herself.” Wanting to know more about the situation I asked my acquaintance, “So what made you think she was getting some cash for herself?” My friend replied, “She gave me $100 less than I asked to withdraw. I asked her about it and after a few minutes of her and her boss looking into it they gave me the $100.” I further quizzed this person, “Are you sure she just didn’t miscount and made an honest mistake?” And to this question he replied, “Do you think with all the technology today that banks miscount? Do you think any is honest today?”

With his response, he had not expected the firestorm that was to come from within me. First, he answered my simple question with two questions of his own. Secondly his questions brought out a deeper problem within himself than a messily $100 banking error.

I’m becoming more and more concerned with the negative attitude that is gripping our country. Sure, we’ve all been misused. Some of us have lost a lot of money to corporate scandals. Some have been mistreated and fail victim to divorce. Everyone with a breath has been affected by adversity and teetered at the brink of failure.

No matter what you’ve been through, are going through now or will be in the future, you can overcome adversity. But to overcome you must first commit to having a positive attitude. You must see yourself on the other side of the situation, see yourself on the mountaintop. By invoking a positive attitude you tap into the future. When you choose to go through life with a negative attitude you’re putting a period where a comma should be in your life. When you have a positive attitude you are placing a comma in your life’s story, and we know a comma carries us to the rest of the story.

Don’t look at yourself negatively. When you sow the seed of negativism within yourself it will grow into a tree with branches that reach far beyond yourself and affect the people around you. This is what has happened to my friend. His experience at the bank only brought out a more serious problem within himself. And we all know that what we have stored inside us will be spewed out of our mouths.

When you face adversity today, and you will, choose to battle it with a positive attitude. Choose to say no matter happens to me today I will smile and not let it question my faith in God and my faith in mankind. When you make this a daily priority you will be amazed at how the negatives of yesterday turn into positives today. When you choose to have a positive attitude the negatives of your world see a “no vacancy” sign at the door of your life.


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