Power of believing in someone

When I come across someone doing the extraordinary it is personally inspiring which is the very reason I can’t wait to share these people and their stories with you. One such person is Patrick Lawler of Memphis, Tennessee.
Patrick is the head of an organization that runs youth treatment center in six states. As CEO of Youth Villages, the nationally recognized nonprofit for emotionally and behaviorally challenged children, Lawler and staff accepts the kids nobody wants. The majority of the kids they receive have been physically or sexually abused; arrive with problems ranging from eating disorders to severe developmental delays.
Amazingly, 80 percent of children who receive treatment from Youth Villages are still living at home, going to school and doing well even two years after discharge. Government programs report 70 percent of children nationwide who have received treatment though their programs wind up returning to government care within one year of release.
A perfect example of what Lawler’s program can and has achieved is the story of Melanie Jackson. Melanie was a foster child who entered Youth Villages at the age of 12. Melanie now has a master’s degree in public administration, paid for by Youth Villages, and is helping troubled children today. As Melanie puts it, “People think that with so many odds against you, you will fall into the category of negative outcomes. Lawler looked at me as more than a foster child-as a young person who could have a bright future ahead of herself. For him to believe in me, it just kind of blew me away.”
Check out more information about Youth Villages and Patrick Lawler at www.youthvillages.org


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