Taking advantage of opportunities

nullWhile watching the Oklahoma/Alabama basketball game this afternoon, Jimmy Dykes of ESPN reminded me of the great story of Navy football’s Eddie Martin. Shortly before Martin was to begin his senior season in Annapolis he was diagnosed with cancer. Knowing he faced a tough battle with weekly chemotherapy treatments, officials at the Naval Academy offered Martin a release. Department of Navy officials also offered Martin an honorable discharge from his previous commitment to serve his country.
Faced with the uncertainties of battling cancer many of us would have taken the offer from the Navy and headed back home to be with family. But not Eddie, he told his team he wanted to stay in school and be a part of the program. He hasn’t missed a game. He told officials at the Naval Academy he wanted to stay in school. He makes it to class on Friday mornings before heading off for chemotherapy treatments later in the day. And, he told the Department of Navy he was a man of his word. Eddie Martin wants to serve his country and confirm his commitment of four years of service in the navy.
Whether he realizes it or not, Eddie Martin is a leader in the truest since of the word. We need more Eddie Martins in the world and we need to tell the story of this exceptional young man.
One of Jimmy Dykes’ New Year’s resolutions was to tell the Eddie Martin story as often as possible. I’m one who doesn’t like to reinvent the wheel so I’m copying Jimmy on this one. As often and in front of as many people as I can, the story of Eddie Martin will be told. Eddie Martin isn’t letting the trials of cancer zap him of the opportunities he has before him. Certainly, a life lesson.
When you say your prayers tonight be sure and include Eddie and his family. Hopefully, he’ll find out later this month that the lymphoma is in remission.


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