Food is great but service brings us back

Had the great opportunity of dining at an establishment north of Huntsville, Alabama a few weeks ago. This restaurant was not a chain or franchise, but was locally owned by a gentleman and his wife. The Main Dish Restaurant in Meridianville not provided me a great meal, but the service was exceptional.
The waitress (sorry didn’t remember her name) was so gracious and took the time to come over and converse with me. Lynn Tverberg (owns restaurant with hubby Ken) also came out to ask about our experience.
It is not uncommon in the south for a waitress to converse with her patrons nor is it uncommon for an owner or manager to ask patrons about their experience. But, what made the positive experience of dining at the Main Dish was that both waitress and owner relayed their genuine concern for making my experience exceptional. They didn’t seem rushed to go to the next patron, looked me straight in the eye when speaking and provided a relaxed atmosphere with their hospitality.
My experience at the Main Dish reminded me that we often think that the food is the reason we return to our favorite restaurants. But as I have found, the service and experience is what drives us back for our favorite dish.
Service, experience… isn’t that what we all want from our encounters?
On another note, The Main Dish’s motto, “Live Well, Eat Well, Laugh Often,” could not have better explained my experience.


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