360-Degree Buckeye Leaders

Here is a tid-bit of information you probably want see tonight as you watch television coverage of the BCS National Championship Game between Florida and Ohio State.
When Ohio State reconvened for fall workouts this season, head coach Jim Tressel had an unusual requirement for his players and staff. Not only would they be required to spend a minimum amount of time in the weight and film rooms, but every member of the Buckeye team was required to read John Maxwell’s 360-Degree Leader. Not only did Tressel keep up with the team’s reading progress but he and members of his staff would take a few minutes of team meetings to discuss what they had learned from the book.
There is absolutely no wonder why Jim Tressel has had Ohio State in the national championship hunt since he arrived in Columbus. He understands that to be a great coach he must be a great leader. Furthermore, he understands that great leaders are continuously encouraging those around them to become leaders themselves.
As Ohio State readies to take the field tonight, I’m sure Jim Tressel will remind his team of the lessons they learned from the 360-Degree Leader. He’ll remind them that each and every member of the team, each coach and each support staff member; should revere themselves as leaders, leading from the ground up. When a leader injects bottom to top leadership, as described in the 360-Degree Leader, he/she often finds themselves being taken off the field on the shoulders of those they lead.


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