Just when I thought it was going bad

By now most of you have heard of the horrible tragedy that is ongoing south of Orlando. Several counties in central Florida were hit with killer tornadoes overnight and authorities are just now able to assess casualties and damage. Seeing the devastation should make all of pause for a moment and thank the good Lord for his blessings and protection and offer up a prayer for our friends in Florida.
Many people lost their lives due to these storms including three of a four member family. The lone survivor, a teenager, is in a local hospital and will not only be facing a physical uphill battle but also a mental mountain as he faces “survivor’s guilt” in the coming years.
Hearing the stories coming out of Florida today has caused me to feel ashamed about my morning grumblings. Ashamed that I was belly aching about having to spend $600 for car repairs even to the point of telling myself, “Boy, you’ve got it bad.”
Seeing those effected by the storms in Florida really puts my measly car situation into perspective. Compared to what the good folks of Florida is facing… I have no worries or problems at all.


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