Vista startup could top music charts

Unless you’ve been under a rock this week you are aware that Microsoft rolled out their latest operating system, Vista. I haven’t had the chance to upgrade yet but am excited about the new gadgets and abilities of Vista.

Microsoft has devoted years and millions of dollars into Vista’s R & D. When developing software, especially an operating system, attention to detail is of utmost importance. As meticulous as I thought Microsoft was I never thought they would go to these extremes. According to Microsoft officials the company hired 20 composers, sound engineers, sound designers and developers to birth Vista’s four second musical riff that plays at startup.

On the surface, the time and money involved in developing such a minute detail of the operating system seems a little much. However, when you look at impact of Vista with all its bells and whistles, you can easily see why the Microsoft team worked so hard for so long while spending a lot of corporate dollars. In the next 11 months, Vista’s musical riff will start the day for 200 million PC users. If you multiply the riffs annual impact by the length of the operating system’s lifetime it is easily conceivable that more people will hear Vista’s riff than the Happy Birthday song.

So, when you install Vista and hear the rhythmic sounds of Vista’s four second startup remember that little ditty cost millions to produce, spent 18 months in development and beat out 500 other submissions to become the theme song.


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