More than a sympathy card

Before heading out of town last week for the funeral of her brother my mother called her doctor for a refill of her blood pressure medication. Soon after her doctor returned the call and took the time to insure my mom was grieving in a normal manner. Not only did he refill her prescription but also suggested she up the dosage during the time she travel to and from Kansas. The suggestion worked as my mom had no problems with her blood pressure.

What makes this story encouraging is the fact that upon my mom’s return home she found a card from her doctor. On the front it appeared to be your average run of the mill sympathy card. However, the written words of my mom’s doctor on the inside of this card made it more than average. Despite long hours in a clinic, early morning rounds at a hospital and late night calls from patients, her doctor took the time to personally express his sympathy for my mom’s loss.

Through this card from the doctor I was reminded that often times the medication needed for physical and psychological healing is a dose of time and care. It is truly refreshing to see such a young doctor realize what it means to be a physician.
In this day of instantaneous e-mail never underestimate the power of personally penned card or letter.


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