So what if Valentine’s Day is for women?

With Valentine’s Day approaching tomorrow many so-called love experts are making their rounds across American radio and television networks. I had the unfortunate opportunity to be watching Fox News as one of these so-called love experts was pitching his thoughts on the practice of Valentine’s Day.

Mark Rudov, self proclaimed love expert says men are fools for buying gifts for their girl and is waging an effort for men to boycott Valentine’s Day. He cites figures that say over 60 percent of women feel men shouldn’t receive a Valentine’s gift. Rudov further states that giving a gift at Valentine’s is compulsory and is in no way a display of love and affection. According to Rudov, women are self-centered and compel men to buy gifts for them on Valentine’s Day. Citing Condi Rice and Oprah, He stated women are more able than men to pick up the check for dinner.

Hearing Mr. Rudov share his feelings and campaign to boycott Valentine’s Day was rather comical yet sad. Sad that Mr. Rudov and countless others who champion his cause have yet to figure out the art of giving.

For me and countless other thousands of men, giving the ladies in our lives a Valentine’s gift tomorrow is all about them. It’s not about getting anything in return, it’s not about who picks up the check, it’s all about showing our love and affection for the women in our lives. And even if Valentine’s Day was just for women, would that be too bad? Men may not receive a gift on Valentine’s Day but as we all know, women have a long term memory. And this is one time most men are happy their woman remembers what her man did for her.

When you give you look for nothing in return. When you give you receive far more than can be wrapped in a gift. Hopefully, Mr. Rudov and his followers will learn the art of giving this Valentine’s Day.


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