What a joke!

This will be the absolutely first and last time I touch the subject of Anna Nicole Smith. What has transpired after her untimely death has got to be one of the most sickening displays of greed, selfishness and a judicial system that is a muck. We’ve got people with upwards of 18 lawyers working to claim the body and ultimately estate of Ms. Smith. And if that’s not enough, you’ve got a lame duck judge who seems to be auditioning to replace Judge Judy. I’ve seen several replays of his emotional judgment yesterday and none show actual tears in or coming from his eyes. These proceedings have turned out to be an outright fraud.
If these same people who are fighting for her body and estate had put as much money and time into Anna Nicole before she died who knows, she could still be with us? It’s very apparent that Anna was looking to fill a void in her life. A void that could have been filled by a friend giving her direction, a family member sharing their spiritual life with her, or even someone just taking the time to tell her they love her just because she’s Anna Nicole and for no other reason. Yet, in death as in life, it seems the only thing those closest to her are interested in is cashing in. Unfortunately, there’s a child that has been forgotten in this entire mess. Let’s hope someone gives little Dannielynn a chance her mother and brother never had.


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  1. 1 kveljones February 23, 2007 at 9:24 pm

    I couldn’t agree with you more….. and honestly I think we underestimate the implications of our nations obsession with things empty and meaningless…. I believe our fascination is at the expense of both our spiritual growth and perhaps our very existence….. to quote Bob Herbert yesterday…

    It was Neil Postman who warned in 1985 that we were amusing ourselves to death. I’m not sure anyone knew how literally to take him.

    More than 20 years later, the masses have nearly succeeded in drawing the curtains on anything that’s not entertaining. No one can figure out what do about Iraq or Al Qaeda. A great American cultural center like New Orleans was all but washed away, and no one knows how to put it back together. The ice caps are melting and Al Gore is traveling the land like the town crier, raising the alarm about global warming.

    But none of that has really gotten the public’s attention. None of it is amusing enough. As a nation of spectators, we seem content to sit with a pizza and a brew in front of the high-def flat-screen TV, obsessing over Anna Nicole et al., and giving no thought to the possibility that the calamitous events unfolding in the world may someday reach our doorsteps.

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