It’s all a process

I’ve been visiting a friend in Phoenix for the past few days and while there had the opportunity to discuss the subject of leadership. My friends leadership journey is in it infancy stages and is in its most fragile state. His area and level of influence has grown tremendously, however with each spurt of growth comes a defector. As a new leader, my friend is devastated when one defects and does not become a leader themselves.

One thing to remember when you become disappointed along your journey is that leadership development is a process. Leadership expert John Maxwell says it perfectly, “It’s not the dream of a lifetime, it’s the dream that takes a lifetime.” Leadership and successful living doesn’t come to us overnight, it takes time to grow. And probably the most important thing that happens along our leadership journey is the fact that trials help us grow as leaders. Trials refine us as leaders; they serve to knock the gray, dirty rock from around our golden nugget of leadership.

The next time you feel disappointed in your leadership progress remembers these three things:
1. “It’s not the dream of a lifetime; it’s the dream that takes a lifetime.”
2. It takes time to grow as a person and as a leader.
3. It takes trials to make us successful leaders. Learn to appreciate trials for their ability to refine and find the gold within a dirty rock.


1 Response to “It’s all a process”

  1. 1 Julian March 7, 2007 at 9:40 pm

    Totally agree! Perhaps you would lend your thoughts to my discussion

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