I know I shouldn’t be amazed at what God can do but every time I think He’s through with me he opens another door. I don’t understand it. I have failed mutliple times. Hurt those closest to me. Have not been the friend I should. But someway, somehow, and for a reason I’m still searching for, God continues to bless me beyond measure. I try to be honest as possible with this blog and that’s something for which I will continually strive.

Being a contract employee with several different companies has its perks. I don’t have a set time to be at work unless I have a meeting. I don’t have a set numbers of hours to work, just get the job done. It also has its negatives. And for the past month I’ve seen several of those negatives. It all starts with all but one company holding payment for my services. Like most people, this has put a financial strain on my family. We’ve had to tighten the strings on our budget and being the head of the household I’m always a little nervous when I have to ask the rest of the family to alter their lifestyles.

But for some reason, today came with a sense that everything’s going to be all right. Factually, we’ve got to continue to try and pull the rest of this month together financially. Faithfully, I feel like a millionaire. So I don’t know how he’ll do it or when for that matter but I do believe in a God who takes care of his children. Always on time, always the right place and always in the right way.


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