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What were they thinking?

You never know what occurs when you lay a solid foundation

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

In the heat of the Washington sun they lined up hand-to-hand in an assembly line-like formation as they passed each stone, from one to another until the man at the end of the line placed the stone in its final resting place. They braved the cruel winters of wind blowing across the Potomac as they labored to build a house that would be home to their country’s president.

They took the lashings when the boss thought their work seemed sub-standard. They sang hymns that lifted spirits that had been broken. They broke their back to construct America’s masterpiece.

In recent months I’ve been thinking about what must have been running through the minds of the slaves who poured blood, sweat and tears into constructing the home of America’s President? Amidst the cruelty of slavery, what were their thoughts as they placed those stones that laid a foundation for what the world now considers as a “Monument of Royalty and Peace?”

When they put that last stone in place did they think the United States would one day elect a President of their color? Realizing their spirit I’m sure those slaves didn’t question the matter with ‘if’ but ‘when.’

Although I didn’t vote for President elect Obama I am happy to say my country took a gigantic step toward healing the wounds of those Georgetown slaves, those who marched across the Edmund Pettus Bridge and those who braved the fire hoses of Birmingham.

I just wish Dr. King could have been here to see it.


What’s keeping you from achieving your dreams?

For a few years of my life I roamed around looking for the next disaster to happen. I had defeated cancer once and just when my life was getting back to normal the disease returned. During those first couple of years after my second battle with cancer I walked through life with a hard hat on expecting something bad to happen. Outwardly, I was very optimistic and positive with family and friends but inwardly I was expecting the worst. I believed that my dreams would never come to pass. My inwardly attitude cemented my life into a period of status quo. I didn’t grow personally, spiritually or professionally during this time.

Thankfully, I read an article from Pat Williams in which he asked, “What’s keeping you from your dreams?” In the article Pat asked the reader to identify any obstacles that are currently keeping us from the life we dream of. For me it was no problem in identifying the obstacle. All I had to do was look in the mirror. The only thing that was keeping me back was my negative, gloom and doom attitude. It took some time but as I developed the new me something extraordinary began to take shape. No longer did I see obstacles, I saw opportunities. No longer did I see trouble, I saw testing. No longer did I see failure, I saw faith. When I began to see my obstacles from above as God sees them they no longer kept me from achieving my goals. When I understood that failure is a process that refines the gold within each of us I began to see my dreams come to fruition.

I’m still a work in progress. I’m not where I need to be personally, spiritually or professionally. I haven’t achieved all my dreams yet but I’m working on them. In order to accomplish those dreams I must constantly identify obstacles or opportunities for achievement.

So, what’s keeping you from achieving your dreams? Take the time today to not only list the dreams for you personally, but those of your family, your professional life and most importantly, your spiritual life. After you complete your list, identify any obstacles that are keeping you from those dreams and look for ways to turn them into opportunity.

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