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Belated as it may be, here are a couple of hip pointers to leadersHIP.

Keepin’ it real

I’m preaching to the choir on this one. I suffer from OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) when it comes to organization. I often over organize and miss out on giving others and myself the opportunity to sit back and soak in the effects our action. Often times after I’ve organized a task or event myself and those who work with me are on to the next thing and do not take the time to enjoy the fruits of our labor. That’s not too hip.

For all the arrows that are shot toward the present and next generation, one attribute these generations share cannot be overlooked and that attribute is get-in-your-grill, John Wayne type honesty. People of these generations can spot a fake 20 miles away. They want us to be real and often times that means not over organizing. It means we have to ditch the daily walkthrough meet and greet.

I know this will seem too simple, but to put the HIP in leadership with these generations we must seek and take advantage of those opportunities when we are one on one people. Group recognition is great, but with these generations it’s more about being genuine and the best way to be genuine is to get in their grill with true and open leadership. Encourage them face-to-face, correct them face-to-face. If we’re too organized it dulls the shine of genuine leadership.

HIP action: Utilize the 30 second rule made famous by leadership expert John Maxwell. Folks, I know this works! Make it a habit to engage those whom you meet for the first time of any given day for at least 30 seconds. Ask them how their evening went, ask them about their game, family and upcoming weekend. 30 seconds isn’t along time especially when you’re asking from them 8 or more hours of personal sacrifice.


Why we look for another job.

Spoke with a friend this morning who is contemplating a job change. He’s currently working for a major financial corporation in the south and has been quite successful at it. One of the first things you’ll notice after meeting my friend is that he is very detail and goal oriented. I guess this is the reason we mesh so well together.

After inquiring why he was attempting to make a job change I was reminded why most of us seek another employer. Many so-called business experts will tell you the main reason we change jobs is to make more money. Additional salary is definitely a factor in the decision however I’ve found that most of us, me included, leave jobs not because of bad pay but because of bad bosses.

In my friends case it’s not so much a bad boss that has him looking for another job, but a revised business plan that will conflict with his personal, professional and family goals. It’s important for all of us to do a career check-up from time to time. We need to make sure that our company’s plans coincide with those we have not for ourselves but most importantly our family. If our plans are headed east and our employer’s is headed west the result will be a collision that is not beneficial for either.

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